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Our Facility was built with comfort and safety in mind. Currently we have 20 canine suites, 10 daycamp spots and 5 kitty condos available for our guests.

Some Important features of our facility are:

In floor heating


1000 square feet

of indoor play space

Custom "fear free" luxury

canine suites with dutch

doors and viewing slots

Custom insulated and draft restricting sliding outside dog doors

Secure raised dog bowl

swivel system

Spacious 5' by 15' individual

outdoor personal patios

17,000+ square feet of

outdoor playspaces

Two self contained 50' play runs.

A luxurious spa and shower room for a pampered pet on holiday

We try to minimize the use of cleaning chemicals in our facility. We clean all of our canine suites and kitty condos with stabilized aqueous ozone which effectively deodorizes, sanitizes and destroys fungi, mold, allergens and bacteria. Please click here to learn more about stabilized aqueous ozone.

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PO Box 1018 Indian Head,

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